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The Defense of Jisr Al Doreaa is a short fictional novella to give cadets, lieutenants and junior leaders an understanding of the application of counter-insurgency fundamentals.

With high operational tempo and a steep learning curve, young officers are challenged to learn a great deal quickly. This short and simple book, modeled after the military classic The Defense of Duffer's Drift, provides a fictional look at the difficulties associated with modern counter-insurgency.

As the protagonist struggles with the effects produced by his actions the reader is able to benefit from the lessons learned and internalize them. While thick works of doctrine can be intimidating, this book provides an effective starting point for junior leaders seeking to master counter-insurgency warfare.

The authors are donating their royalties for this book to the Fisher House Foundation, a private-public partnership that supports the families of America's injured servicemen.


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"This book, by two amazing captains of cavalry, presents a modern day look at countering insurgency...one of our favorite books. This short read takes LT Phil Connors (of Groundhog Day fame) from the receipt of his first mission – control the town of Jisr al-Doreaa – and follows his actions through the six times that it takes to get it right. The book by itself is an excellent discussion primer, and the accompanying website includes the dreams in a series of vignettes that leaders can use before or after reading what LT Connors did. It can be an, "I can do better" or a "Here’s what this guy did" for your officers."

- Kelly Jones and Scott Shaw, Pro-Reading Challenge